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Solution Oriented Human!
I'm describing myself like this. Also, everyone describes me like this when I working with someone. I'm interested in PHP Programming Language and SysAdmin things. I write a couple code block each day, drink some coffee and develop things in my mind. This is a routine for a programmer. But, I'm not limited to it. I'm more than that. Because life is short for full time working... “

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  • Nationality
  • Freelance
  • Gürkan Biçer
  • 1995.10.11 (year/day/month)
  • Izmir, Turkey
  • Turkish
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    Izmir, Turkey or
  • E-Mail : [email protected]
  • Website : www.grkn.co
  • Phone : Not needed on the 21th century


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    What I did


    September 2011Current

    Web Developer - Freelance

    I'm working with Web Developer title as a freelancer since 2011.

    January 2014 - May 2018

    SysAdmin – Alastyr

    I learned here most of the knowledge about the system administration and networking systems.

    October 2012 - June 2013

    Intern – Alastyr

    I was preparing to be SysAdmin.


    2015 Current

    Bachelor Degree – Business Administration

    at Anadolu University

    This isn't in my interest area but, it's necessary for future plans.

    2013 - 2015

    Associate Degree – Computer Programming

    at Dokuz Eylul University

    This is for just procedure. But I won some things at this university. I will not deny it.

    2009 - 2013

    High School - Web Design and Programming

    at Mersinli EML

    I won some friendships, good teachers and experiences here.


    • Html / CSS
    • Javascript
    • Shell Scripting
    • Php
    • SQL
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • Firebase
    • Backend Development

      MVC Structure, SlimPHP, CodeIgniter 2 & 3, Web Services API, Smarty 3, Twig, Git

    • Frontend Development

      Bootstrap, UIKit, Jquery, Jquery UI

    • System Management

      CentOS Server, Ubuntu Server, Windows Server, Apache 2.x, Nginx, cPanel, Plesk, Maestropanel, Directadmin, CyberPanel, CentOS Web Panel, VMware, PowerDNS, Windows DNS, BIND, GeoDNS

    • Softwares

      SketchApp (for graphics), WHMCS

    • Languages
      • Turkish (Native or bilingual proficiency)
      • English (Limited working proficiency)
    • Assests

      Responsible, Solution oriented, flexible and open-minded.

    • Hobbies & Interests
      • Music
      • Coffee
      • Coding
      • Travel
      • Blogging


    PHP Development

    I can prepare your projects & automation systems with PHP.

    WHMCS Development

    I can prepare your WHMCS modules and templates.

    Front-end Development

    I can prepare your website with pre-made interface & template.

    Shell Scripting

    I can prepare shell scripts & automations for your web server.

    Bug Resolving

    I can found bugs & errors on your project or web server and I can fix it.

    Project Management

    I can manage your desired a web project.

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    The Blog

    from diary

    GetDNS.sh Published

    Today, I published a web project named GetDNS. You can reach it via this link: https://www.getdns.sh It’s an alternative for IntoDNS.com. Actually, I hope, it can be an alternative. Because w...

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    Blogun Neden Türkçe Değil?

    2006’dan beri blog yazıyorum. Bu blogların tümü Türkçe ve şu an kapalı durumdalar. Yaz-sil, yaz-sil ve sıkılınca blogu kapat kafasında ilerlediğimden, şu an geçmişte neler yaptım ve düşüncele...

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    Why Git

    I can say too many things about why I choose Git. But, the most important thing about the subject why you should choose Git? In shortly, best technology of today on the software sector. When you wa...

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    MVC Structure

    When we start learning a programming language, we see some structures and frameworks. MVC structure one of them and most popular structure. What is means MVC? MVC is an abbreviation of Model, View,...

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    First post!

    This is my first post, how exciting!

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    Email: [email protected]
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    Facebook: bicergurkan
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