Gürkan Biçer

Hi, I am Gürkan!

I'm working at Alastyr as SysAdmin. Also, I'm coding management interfaces & websites on my free time. When I was young, I dreamed being a basketball player. But now, I'm other side of the monitor. Coding, error hunting, monitoring, analyzing, blogging and unsleep nights!

This is my Personal Home Page. I will publish my projects on this website. This page is empty for now. But, some projects takes a long time. Therefore, this situation acceptible for now.

You can contact with me any time and on any subject. But, it can't be love issues. It's borring :)

Code is poetry. I respect to it more than everything. It's a life style for me.

Linux & Unix based systems are my area of interest. Black window, green texts and commands. It's like a hacker movie.

When I was young, I wrote something about the anything. I still writing something on my blogs. Sharing and blogging are beautiful B-)

I don't expert on the databases. But, I've good relationships with MySQL and MongoDB. It's an advantage of programming.